White Rose Flower Crown: Soothing Wave of Flowery Freshness

In this age of fast track robotic life where we all are busy sitting in front of our laptop or tablet screens, juggling between work and forgetting that the world exists beyond this monotonous life. The world where we live in the present and cherish whatever is in the here and now. The world that has no deadlines except the ones that are given by your heart.  The world where all relations are cherished and taken care of, that’s the world from where our delicately crafted white rose flower crown come from.

Crafted with love and precision, petal by petal this crown is made just for those whom you love and treasure in your life. Our white rose flower crown is a unique addition to our beautiful range of headbands and crowns but unlike all the others its vibes are particularly refreshing and energizing in its own way.

From the moment you lay your eyes on it, you feel an utter sense of calmness and insouciance. So is there anybody you feel you haven’t connected with recently but you should have? Or somebody who you think deserves a little speck of this white beauty in their life? Or just somebody who needs a break from the hustle and bustle of the urban life? Perhaps ‘you are somebody’ who feels a little unloved but still understands the busy lifestyle you have embraced? Our white rose flower crown is the solution to all your questions because flowers are a girl’s best friend!

Take some time out from your busy schedule and arrange a beautiful place by the beach or at some hill station, add the necessary whimsical details and finally present her white rose flower crown as you ask her to be the queen of your life. Take our word on this she would accept it.

We only have a limited batch left of these beauties so don’t waste any more time and order it right away because your woman is special and she needs to be treated the same way! Don’t forget to check out our range of flower crowns in case you want to order more because trust us, one is never enough!

Vintage Flower Headband: Rustic Simplicity

Vintage watches, vintage clothes, vintage baskets, vintage crockery, vintage ornaments, and the never ending list continues. It almost seems like the vintage fever has taken over the fashion industry with a storm. As a result, we thought why not join the bandwagon too, but with a slight twist of our own. So, we decided to incorporate this vintage madness into something that’s more fun, creative and aesthetic. Period. In that moment we came up with the idea of what we call our vintage flower headband!

Our vintage flower headband is for anybody who likes to play dress up at home with his/her little girls to those who prefer pocket-friendly yet unique accessories to pair with their outfits on a girls day out. However, due to its very chic color scheme which incorporates all the shades that are all the rage this season, it can also be used as the perfect hair accessory for big events, preferably weddings for the bridesmaids or even for the bride on her bridal shower who just loves the rustic effect.

Having said that, since we make our crowns with utmost care and heartfelt sentiments we would like you to try our vintage flower headband for the little angel who has just descended on earth.  Our crown will make up a great prop for your child’s first ever photoshoot, especially if you are thinking of a theme that’s rustic and cozy. It’s warm and cozy color scheme comprising of pastel blue, yellow, teal and peach makes it less gender specific and can be used for both genders.

Already eyeing this beauty, aren’t you? Don’t wait for too long to get your hands on our specially made rustic vintage flower headband. We can assure you once you wear it or make your children wear it, you will be rained with compliments! So what are you waiting for? Call up your friends, have a little chit-chat over tea and tell them about your latest discovery i.e. vintage flower headband and how you are planning to buy it on the earliest basis. We have a feeling that everyone’s going to be buying them, so you better hurry!

Hibiscus Flower Crown: Your Actual Wedding Savior!

Spring is almost coming to an end and we are all heading towards our favorite season, yeah you guessed it right, its summers! Summers are our favorite due to two reasons: 1) we get rid of all those hefty layers of clothing and 2) it's wedding season!

However, this can rather be quite problematic and troublesome for most people, especially the brides who have to go through the tiring routine of decision making; from the wedding chapel to the guest list, from the friends who qualify as bridesmaid to those who don’t. But above all the most difficult decision a bride is faced with is her own look for her wedding day. It’s once in a lifetime experience and no girl wants to look ‘just good’ or ‘nice’ or ‘great’, instead, she wants to look like a goddess to the least. One that really stands out.

Worry not our lovely brides; we have got the perfect accessory to make you stand out this season and especially those who believe in ‘less is more’. Presenting you, our hibiscus flower crown! It is the perfect match for ladies who are just done with the same clich├ęd tiaras with glowing, glittery flowers or net veils.

Our hibiscus flower crown has the perfect blend of white hibiscus with gold rose buds and leaves. Wait, that’s not all. It also has a vibrant bunch of small red flowers to make you stand out as the bride. You can pair it up with any hairstyle you want, be it curls, lazy beach waves or even with fishtail braids. It’s neither overpowering or too subtle for the occasion, it’s just the right match for a bride who prefers elegance and grace over everything else.

Are you still procrastinating about buying our hibiscus flower crown? We hope not because they are selling out fast! So hurry up and get this amazing blend of vintage and modern fashion for your wedding day.

We hope you have a magnificent wedding day. Just so you don’t forget it’s called the hibiscus flower crown because for us every woman is a queen!